About Us

Webshock innovations is a software development company that is focused on using the latest technologies to meet your business needs. We have experience in full-stack development and providing a quality completed product. We take pride in our work and deliver beautiful and easy to use products.


Full stack development

We will build your website/web application from start to finish. Expertise in Python, C#, PHP, and MySQL.

Alexa for Business

Want to add voice control to your business? With experience in AWS and Alexa skills, we can do that for you!

Progressive Web Application

The future of web development is here. We build progressive web applications for an enhanced user experience.

UI & UX Design

Using responsive technologies and QA testing, we will optimize the way your customers interact with the website.


Need to brand your business? Contact us to receive multiple quality logos to meet your marketing needs.

Code Snippets

We provide small code snippets necessary for enhancing your website experience. Custom solutions to meet your needs.


Alexa Skill AWS

Technologies: C#, .NET, AWS, API


Technologies: Flask, Python, API

IOT Smart Device

Technologies: Flask, MySQL, Python, AWS, Arduino, Embedded Systems, API


Technologies: PHP, MySQL, API


Technologies: CakePHP, PWA, API

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