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Trello gamification software for boosting employee engagement

  • Trello integration
  • Badges
  • Leaderboards/Feed
  • Free, easy setup, custom development
This software allows for you to reward your employees with badges. It provides an incentive for employees to work harder and complete more tasks.

Product Features


Give user badges for their accomplishments

Trello integration

Integrate with Trello to automatically update points of users based on completed cards


See latest badges added and cards completed


See how you compare with coworkers.


Upcoming Features

These features are in development

Github integration

We will be adding github integration to the software to track achivements through github as well

Monday integration

We will be adding Monday integration to the software to track achivements through Monday as well


Create muti level challenges for your employees

Mobile App

PWA functionality for native mobile app experience

Login credentials:

User: admin, Password: admin


Software is currently free-we just ask for feedback on how to make the software better for your business. We are looking for a business to guide us on what features to add to the software to suit your business needs: June 2020


$0 month

  • Gamification software
  • Free setup
  • Domain and dedicated hosting
  • Custom development
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, the software is currently free. This is so that we can get feedback on the product and make updates to it based on users needs.

  • Just contact us and let us know about your business, and we will set up the software for you. We will set up a database instance, custom domain, and dedicated hosting. All we ask in return is your feedback to guide the software.

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